shut up and listen! 2007

soundscape — field recording — phonography

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

soundscape – fieldrecording – phonography — panel discussion featuring Heidi Grundmann | Lasse-Mark Riek | Gabriele Proy | Hannes Raffaseder | Hosts: Bernhard Gál | Ernst Reitermaier

Gabriele Proy: Forum Klanglandschaft — presentation

Lasse-Mark Riek: Finnish Spring — artist talk and concert

Phonographie-Ensemble (live broadcast on Orange 94.0) featuring Heribert Friedl | Bernhard Gál | Peter Kutin | Daniel Lercher | Patrick McGinley | Hannes Raffaseder | Lasse-Mark Riek

Christopher DeLaurenti: Favorite Intermissions — listening room

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Hannes Raffaseder & Kurt Hörbst: staTdT.kunst — audiovisual performance

Stephan Roth: Recycling — sound projection
Lale Rodgarkia-Dara: brief vision

Voice Over Noise: Audiotourism / Bratislava

noid: You’re not here — listening room

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Patrick McGinley: Framework — artist talk and concert

Robert Schwarz: Das Unbewusste einer Festplatte — sound projection
Helmut Mittermaier: Varanasi Tapes — audiovisual performance

Astrid Schwarz & Philip Scheiner: ganasos

and/OAR: phonograpy compilations — listening room

December 4-6, 2007

Derek Holzer | Sara Kolster | Marc Boon: SoundTransit — web art
Martin Murauer: Vogelmemory — acoustic game

Petra Sandner: Fieldscape – Arbeiten auf Papier — exhibition

December 4-6, 2007 | raum35

The young festival shut up and listen! is entering its second season. This time the focus of the festival is on the three-part motto soundscape – field recording – phonography, reflecting everyday environmental acoustic situations from a musical and (sound) art perspective.
In a panel discussion we compare and contrast three decades’ worth of site-specific audio recordings, and ORF-Kunstradio founder Heidi Grundmann weaves radio art into the debate. Gabriele Proy presents the Europäische Forum Klanglandschaft, which follows in the footsteps of the World Soundscape Project initiated by R. Murray Schafer. Lasse-Mark Riek talks about the platform Gruenrekorder, one of the most active European labels dealing with field recordings, soundscapes and sound art, and presents his work Finnish Spring. As the Phonographie-Ensemble, Heribert Friedl, Bernhard Gál, Peter Kutin, Daniel Lercher, Patrick McGinley, Hannes Raffaseder and Lasse-Marc Riek improvise using unprocessed field recordings as their point of departure. Hannes Raffaseder and Kurt Hörbst bring together acoustic and visual field recordings in their project staTdT.kunst. Lale Rodgarkia-Dara incorporates the St. Petersburg’s soundscape into brief vision, while the Slovak collective Voice Over Noise draws on the specific sound of Bratislava. Patrick McGinley talks about his London radio show Framework. In Varanasi Tapes Helmut Mittermaier presents an acoustic trip through the holy Indian city on the banks of the Ganges. The performance ganasos by Astrid Schwarz and Philip Scheiner is “a fairy tale about the origin of the diaphragm”. As a result of its first open call for contributions, shut up and listen! presents current works by Stephan Roth and Robert Schwarz. In three listening rooms, Christopher DeLaurenti, noid, and the Seattle-based label and/OAR present works based on field recordings. Exhibition contributions by Derek Holzer/Sara Kolster/Marc Boon (SoundTransit), Martin Murauer (Vogelmemory) and Petra Sandner (Fieldscape – Arbeiten auf Papier) show conceptual transitions to other areas of art such as media art and visual art.