shut up and listen! 2014


Thursday, November 27, 2014

Max Neuhaus: American Can — opening performance
Conlon Nancarrow: Studies for Player Piano, #3a + #31 — sound projection
Gerhard Kubik: Auditory illusions in African Music — lecture
Lukas Ligeti: Polymetric Choreographies for Drum Set — drums solo

Brandlmayr//Hegenbart: Beobachtungen #01 — drum & computer duo

Friday, November 28, 2014

shut up and listen! Award 2014 — award ceremony and presentation of works
Awardees: Marta Azparren & Sergio Blardony | Abel Paúl | Keisuke Yagisawa

Peter Ablinger: Weiss/Weisslich 31e — concert installation with eight glass tubes
James Tenney: Maximusic for percussion
featuring Lukas Schiske, percussion

Peter Jakober: weit beisammen for flute, clarinet and live electronics
featuring Duo Soufflé (Theresia Schmidinger, clarinet | Doris Nicoletti, flute)

Simon Longo: We are made of water — audiovisual performance

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Ryoji Ikeda: Matrix [for rooms] — listening room
afterwards: brunch

November 27–29, 2014

Tina Frank: Habaloop — video loops
Michaela Schwentner: Elements II — video

November 27-29, 2014 | echoraum

Under the motto TIME, AND AGAIN, shut up and listen! 2014 features works that show discrete-eventful, repetitive, or pulsating strategies in compositional, extra-musical or transmedia approaches of diverse makings and provenance.

Tina Frank’s audiovisual installation consists of nine video loops, made audible on mobile phones via QR-code. Michaela Schwentner presents a visualization of an electro-acoustic work by French composer Paul Clouvel. American Can, an early work by sound installation pioneer Max Neuhaus will see its (presumptive) European premiere. Presenting two out of 49 Studies for Player Piano, we take a glimpse into the exceptional sound universe of Conlon Nancarrow. The ethnomusicologist Gerhard Kubik talks about Auditory Illusions in African Music, while Lukas Ligeti takes Kubik’s research as a reference point for his solo recital Polymetric Choreographies for Drum Set. In Observations #1, Martin Brandlmayr and Boris Hegenbart relate to the complex textures in swarm behaviour of flocking birds. The second festival day kicks off with the shut up and listen! Award 2014, presenting price-winning works by Marta Azparren & Sergio Blardony, Abel Paúl and Keisuke Yagisawa. The percussionist Lukas Schiske performs Peter Ablinger’s concert installation with eight glass tubes Weiss/Weisslich 31e, as well as James Tenney’s Maximusic, dedicated to the sound artist and former percussionist Max Neuhaus. The Duo Soufflé presents the composition weit beisammen by Peter Jakober, creating microtonal textures by interweaving live sounds of clarinet and flute with their electro-acoustic derivates. In his audiovisual performance We are made of water, London-based media artist Simon Longo focuses on reflection patterns of a vibrating water surface. Last but not least, shut up and listen! 2014 comes to an end with a collective listening session featuring Ryoji Ikeda’s digital sound meditation Matrix [for rooms] and a subsequent brunch.