shut up and listen! 2018


Thursday, December 6, 2018

noid: instant multidigmen | ensemble resonance
featuring the Ensemble Sonderfall: Cordula Bösze, flute | Susanna Gartmayer, clarinet | Jakob Gnigler, saxophone | MS Mutt, electric guitar | noid, violoncello

Klaus Filip: Sonic Dust — audiovisual performance

Matija Schellander: ohne mich wäre alles noch viel schlimmer for performer and noise
Matija Schellander: The Drill for double bass and white noise

Friday, December 7, 2018

featuring pupils of the AHS Heustadelgasse
cooperation: Burkhard Stangl | Lynn Loibner | Direction: Hans Schneider

Christian Wolff: Sticks | Stones
mdw scratch orchestra (University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna)
featuring Erik Emil Eskildsen | Sara Gregorič | Ahoo Maher | Christina Ruf | Martin Škubal
direction: Gunter Schneider

Schimana/noid: Hautkörper
featuring Elisabeth Schimana, live model-generation | noid, violoncello/transducer

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Christine Schörkhuber: Sonderfall Alltag — soundwalk

afterwards: brunch

December 6-8, 2018

#Sonderfall 0,5 – Bei diesem Werk handelt es sich nicht um Musik — exhibition
Direction: Cordula Bösze and Arnold Haberl

0.00-∞ — special scores by Alphonse Allais | Erwin Schulhoff | John Cage

Édgar Guzmán: Autorretrato — installed sound composition

December 6-8, 2018 | echoraum

The 13th edition of shut up and listen! takes a closer look at the label “SONDERFALL” (i.e. special case) — “undisciplined” sound practices which frequently find themselves beyond the so-called norm. In this respect, at shut up and listen! everything remains as it was. Under the category Sonderfall, the Austrian rights society for authors, composers and music publishers (AKM) places, among others‚ “works that merely consist of verbal instructions or works that quantitatively show low musical content”. As a result, the affected compositions may receive up to six times lower royalty payments than others. Such underprivileged special cases à la AKM and their composers are the focus of this year’s festival.

With the exhibition #Sonderfall 0,5 – Bei diesem Werk handelt es sich nicht um Musik, Cordula Bösze and Arnold Haberl present a selection of “Sonderfall” compositions and related works. Notational special cases are highlighted with “toneless” scores by Alphonse Allais, Erwin Schulhoff and John Cage. On the occasion of his first visit to Europe, Mexican composer Édgar Guzmán presents the installative sound work Autorretrato, asking the audience to complete the proposed compositional process. The Ensemble Sonderfall (consisting of: Cordula Bösze, Susanna Gartmayer, Jakob Gnigler, MS Mutt, noid) performs two very special works by noid. Klaus Filip devotes his attention to the sonic side of dust and Matija Schellander performs two solo, among them another AKM-Sonderfall. Guided by the music pedagogue Hans Schneider, high schoolers of the AHS Heustadelgasse present a jointly developed improvisation on original Baschet instruments. Under the direction of Gunter Schneider, the mdw scratch orchestra (University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna) perform Sticks and Stones by Christian Wolff, according to AKM philosophy “merely” verbally notated works. In collaboration with noid (violoncello), Elisabeth Schimana presents her project Hautkörper. The concluding third festival day features a soundwalk through the adjacent Viennese neighborhood of the echoraum, conceived by Christine Schörkhuber, followed by the traditional festival brunch.