shut up and listen! 2013


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Hermann Nitsch: orgelkomposition in 4 sätzen – organ recital at the Jesuit Church

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Jean-François Laporte: Mantra — sound projection
Wolfgang Gratzer: About the formation and perception of endless music — lecture

Radu Malfatti: Claude-Lorrain 1 for trombone and sound projection                            Gunter Schneider & Barbara Romen: Im Rohr

Friday, November 22, 2013

shut up and listen! Award 2013 — award ceremony and presentation of selected works
Awardees: Helga Arias Parra | Jamez Dean | Felipe Otondo

Alvin Lucier: On the Carpet of Leaves illuminated by the Moon for violoncello and sine wave oscillator
Michael Moser: Locomotion Traces for cello, two snare drums, two transducers and sound projection
featuring Michael Moser, violoncello

John Cage: ASLSP for piano
featuring Manon-Liu Winter, piano

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Éliane Radigue: Trilogie de la Mort (Kyema) — listening room

afterwards: brunch

November 21–23, 2013

Sabine Groschup: (JC{639}) — experimental film
Yumi Kori: Mon – Portable Infinity Device — architectural object

Gunter Schneider: IM ROHR — sound sculpture

November 20-23, 2013 | echoraum | Jesuit Church

Under the motto END LESS NESS, the eighth season of shut up and listen! aims at long enduring artistic endeavors, and the possibly illusory idea of an infinite music, comprising (quasi-)continuous sound presentations as well as repetitive or static sound strategies of diverse makings and provenance, such as drones, textures, pulsations, silences, …

Hermann Nitsch gives one of his rare organ recitals at the Viennese Jesuit Church. The Musique concrète composition Mantra by Québecois Jean-François Laporte is based on a recording of a nightly ride with a Zamboni (a machine cleaning the surface of ice hockey rinks). The musicologist Wolfgang Gratzer reflects upon listening processes and preconditions of infinite music, while Radu Malfatti merges pure tones with sounds of his trombone, leaving just as much space for silence as for sound itself. Gunter Schneider and Barbara Romen transmit their instrumental sounds into a long cardboard tube, and in turn improvise responding to the sonic output of this natural sound filtering device. Schneider’s sound sculpture Im Rohr can be experienced throughout the entire festival. Following the presentation of the shut up and listen! Award 2013 (featuring price-winning works by Helga Arias Parra, Jamez Dean and Felipe Otondo), the violoncellist Michael Moser performs works by Alvin Lucier and himself, exploring the physicality of sound and corresponding listening strategies. With ASLSP, Manon-Liu Winter presents a piano composition by John Cage which in its version for organ received world-wide attention: the presentation of ORGAN²/ASLSP in a church in Halberstadt, Germany, has been going on for the past twelve years and is supposed to last for another, rather eternal, 627 years. This project is also the subject of Sabine Groschup’s experimental film (JC{639}). Sending us one of her Portable Infinity Devices, the Japanese architect Yumi Kori captures infinity inside a small acrylic box. This year’s listening room features Kyema, the first part of Éliane Radigue’s opus magnum Trilogie de la Mort, followed by a festival brunch.