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and/OAR: phonograpy compilations — listening room

Duration:     50‘39“    
Type:             Source recordings provided by the record label, mix by BG

phonograpy compilations

Between 2002 and 2005, the Seattle-based label and/OAR released a series of phonographic works, in association with Altogether nine releases were issued – seven compilations featuring straight field recordings, and two compilations featuring compositions based on field recordings. At SUAL 07, excerpts from the seven compilations will be combined into an hour-long ‘label feature’ which will be presented at a separate listening space throughout the whole evening.

Featured artists / tracks:

[ 1]
Track 9. Yuko Nexus6: Mic In Refrigerator

[ 2]
Track 15. Marcos Fernandes: Djemaa El Fna, Marakech, Morrocco

[ 3]
Track 9. Marcos Fernandes: Freight Train, Jasper, B.C.
Track 11. Yannick Dauby: Bois de Caravagne

[ 4]
Track 5. Quiet American: Donkey Train Leaving Marpha, Nepal

[ 5]
Track 6. Yannick Dauby: Kiling Kelang
Track 7. Eric La Casa: Moulin de l’Ecornerie (Mill Of Ecornerie)
Track 10. mnortham: Ancient Sewer Pipe, Valletta, Malta

[ 6]
Track 3. John Kannenberg: Degrading Ferry Horn, Staten Island Ferry
Track 5. Heribert Friedl: Radiator

[ 7]
Track 1. Ben Owen: Badlands 0702
Track 6. j.frede: July 4, 2003, At Night In Hobbs, Slow Tin Rattle
Track 17. Dale Lloyd: Mt. St. Helens Locusts
Track 19. Bill Thompson: Hogmanay On The North Sea


is a recording label committed to releasing unique and interesting environmental recordings and various kinds of avant-garde sound art that somehow utilizes environmental recording or recordings?
One basic mission of and/OAR is to help raise awareness and appreciation of the sonic environment that surrounds each of us, plus enable people to experience unique sound environments of places, activities and things that they would not normally be able to do otherwise. All of the work released on the label should also hopefully contribute to breaking down the long held beliefs of what can be considered as “music” and shift our social paradigm in that regard to something more “all-inclusive”; because the term “music” as usually described in dictionaries, and as still understood by many people, is often too limiting and should be expanded to include all sound that a person can enjoy and/or derive some kind of pleasure or benefit from. It is the hope of and/OAR to encourage a much broader understanding and appreciation of all that is “sound”, which in turn, can lead to a better understanding and appreciation of life in general. Another mission of and/OAR & the and/OAR Diffusion shop has been to make sound work as affordable as possible so that as many people as possible can afford to buy and listen to it. In 2003, a/O started the Diffusion shop in an attempt to initiate a positive new paradigm in online CD music sales by providing the best prices, best customer service, and faster shipping that also properly protects the items en route to the customer. Paradigms, paradigms, shift those paradigms!

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