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Brandlmayr//Hegenbart: Beobachtungen #01 — drum & computer duo

Duration:     11‘50“ (excpt)
Type:             Recorded live at SUAL 2014
Credits:        Audio recording by JF, editing by BG

Brandlmayr//Hegenbart: Beobachtungen #01

Brandlmayr//Hegenbart is a Drum&Computer-Duo that works in between abstract Dub and contemporary electroacoustic music. The collaboration started as a studio project. Recordigns and overdubs were interchanged between Vienna and Berlin, eventually becoming part of Hegenbart’s audio release INSTRUMENTARIUM (2012, *Staubgold/Monotype-Records/GOD-Records). Later followed live performances, e.g. at Musikprotokoll, Graz and Alte Schmiede, Vienna. With Beobachtungen #01  (i.e. Observations #01), the duo focuses on rhythmic structures and textures. Terms such as ‘groove’ or ‘beat’ are re-interpreted in new ways. Without using measures or scores, driving patterns emerge which are constantly changing. As a source of inspiration the duo mentions the flight characteristics of swarms of birds, such as starlings moving as a multi-dimensional cloud that is seemingly unorganized at first glance, yet shows a complex system of combined shapes. Brandlmayr//Hegenbart create dense clouds of sound, a maelstrom made of internal structuring and permanent deformation.

Martin Brandlmayr

*1971, Vienna (AT), studied drums but also uses the computer and electronic instruments. He joined the group Polwechsel in 1993. He became well-known with the postrock trio Radian, which he formed together with John Norman and Stefan Németh in 1997. Together with Christof Kurzmann he was artist in residence at the Podewil, Berlin, in 2002. He played at the Donaueschingen Festival 2005. He has collaborated with Otomo Yoshihide, Fennesz, Mapstation, Pure, John Tilbury, Tony Buck, and Paul Lovens, among others. Brandlmayr lives and works in Vienna and Berlin.


Boris Hegenbart

Born 1969 in Berlin / Germany. Musician / composer of electroacoustic music and sound-art since 1996. Establishes the project [#/TAU], Berlin 1996. Sound installations, electroacoustic concerts and performances. Soundscapes for theatre plays, dance performances and experimental radio- and video-art. Workshops and lectures. Graduates from the Institute of Electroacoustic Music [ELAK], part of the University of Music and Performing Arts, with an emphasis on composition, improvisation and live electronics, Vienna in 2002.

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