SUAL Archives | 2012

Gruenrekorder: Far Out — listening room

featuring works by Andreas Bick | Mark Lorenz Kysela | Danny McCarthy | Craig Vear

Far Out

Four selected works show various cross references to the festival’s theme, Far Out: ‘Frost Pattern’ by Andreas Bick is based on subaquatic recordings made at a research base located just off the coast of Greenland. Mark Lorenz Kysela‘s soundscape composition ‘Höfn’ was made of audio recordings from the Icelandic village of the same name. ‘White Star Line’ by Danny McCarthy is an acoustic portrait of the very pier which was the last stop of the Titanic before continuing her fateful journey across the Atlantic Ocean. In ‚Antarctica’, Craig Vear presents untreated field recordings from an extended visit in 2003-04.


Gruenrekorder understands itself as an organisation with the aim of promoting experimental music and phonography. Phonography considers nature / the environment as an acoustic experience, loaded with musical sounds. It is as a form of art and culture, that Gruenrekorder promotes phonography. We therefore organise events, lectures, publications and exhibitions as well as artistic projects in the fields of phonography and experimental music.

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