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Mark Lorenz Kysela: Höfn

Duration:     6‘59“
Type:             Source recording provided by Gruenrekorder
Notes:           Presented in conjunction with Far Out — listening room


Harbour of Höfn, Iceland, June 2007, about Midnight
Steps on Gravel, Seabirds, Water, Pipeline and Pumping Station, Fish-Oil Producing Ship, Workers and Seamen.

Mark Lorenz Kysela

Mark Lorenz Kysela born in 1971 in Stuttgart, German and studied saxophone, chamber music und contemporary music in Frankfurt/M with Achim Rinke and in Bordeaux with Marie-Bernadette Charrier and Jean-Marie Londeix. He works as a saxophone player (as a soloist, in chamber ensembles and orchestras). Tours and concerts in Europe, Australia and North-America; former member of the “Ensemble Atmosphère”; saxophonist of the Ensemble „Oh Ton“ and of the Ensemble “zZ”. Collaborations with composers such as Michael Maierhof, Alan Hilario, Robin Hoffmann, Christoph Ogiermann, Uwe Rasch, Christophe Havel, François Rossé, Eckart Beinke, et al.

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