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Proyecto Itinerante — acousmatic music

featuring works by Kyong Mee Choi | Matias Giuliani Ortiz | Adolfo Kaplan | Apostolos Loufopoulos

A travelling concert series featuring electro-acoustic works by nine composers from Argentina, Austria, Chile, France, Greece and Korea

The “Itinerant Project“ was initiated by South American composers Matias Giuliani, Santiago Diez Fischer and Adolfo Kaplan in late 2003. Its goal is to program electroacoustic or mixed media concerts to be presented in several parts of the world. Currently, nine composers from three continents are involved. The project started with the series “A”, a concert program of electro-acoustic works which so far has been presented in Buenos Aires, Paris, Athens and Santiago de Chile, with more concerts to come. For the future, the integration of interdisciplinary concepts and forms or presentations is being planned, involving visual artists, dancers, etc. With all these activities, the affiliated composers attempt to establish a solid link between the new music scenes of several parts of the world, exchanging musical ideas and concepts. This network is intended to serve as a way of building bridges without frontiers and to further true artistic exchange and production.

Affiliated composers:

Kyong Mee Choi       
Santiago Diez Fischer       
Bernhard Gál           
Matias Giuliani Ortiz      
Apostolos Loufopoulos       
Adolfo Kaplan           
Hubert Michel   
Federico Schumacher Ratti 
Nikos Stavropoulos

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(Chile/ France)
(Greece /UK)