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Elisabeth Flunger: songs | The musical marble run

#1:                  große kreise (CD ‚songs‘)
Duration:      3‘27“
#2:                  kleine kreise (CD ‚songs‘)
Duration:      5‘06“
#3:                  ferragosto I (The musical marble run)
Duration:     10‘25“
Type:             Audio recordings provided by the artist
Notes:           Presented as part of the exhibition #Sonderfall 0,5


Elisabeth Flunger’s instrument is a collection of trash metal objects, used in concerts, installations and performances. For this instrument she created a series of solo pieces and developed appropriate playing techniques. Instead of using traditional percussion techniques, she works the objects by physical and spatial manipulation: pile up, crash down, arrange, put, move, push, throw, pull, swing, rock, shake … In the chaos of the disordered material, movement and repetition generate figures and patterns similar to music. Music becomes a game where natural principles like random, gravity and resistance play an important role producing surprise and suspense. They generate a situation whose destination is unforeseeable, a project opposed to the ordinary (music and life) concept of sureness, control and efficiency.

The musical marble run

ferragosto I (2000) Essl Museum Wien (A)
la route flonflon (2007) Philharmonie Luxembourg (L)
ingraisch (2012) in collaboration with Heimo Wallner, Hotel Pupik (A)
la route flonflon II (2017) Philharmonie Luxembourg (L)
Métal-Musique (2017) Belval (L)
la forza del destino (2018) Fresnes-on-Woevre (F)

The marble runs are a game with random, repetition and variation and sound as complex and unpredictable as contemporary music. The balls roll on an inclined ramp and hit lying and hanging objects, producing different sounds according to their size, material and quantity. Melodies, sound clusters and accents create an indeterminate yet well-organised piece of music.

Elisabeth Flunger

Elisabeth Flunger is a percussionist, composer and performer and lives in Vienna. She works with classical orchestras and contemporary music ensembles as well as with improvising musicians and as soloist, she gets involved in theatre and dance productions, she holds workshops on improvisation and composition for children, amateurs and professional musicians, and she designs site-specific and topic-oriented sound installations and performances.

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