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Steve Reich: Pendulum Music

Duration:       2‘27“ (excpt)
Featuring:     Oliver Stotz, realisation
Type:               Recorded live at SUAL 2017
Credits:          Audio recording and editing by BG

Pendulum Music

“Even when all the cards are on the table […] there are still enough mysteries …”

[Steve Reich]

Pendulum Music (for microphones, amplifiers speakers and performers) is a work by Steve Reich, involving suspended microphones and speakers, creating phasing feedback tones. The piece was composed in August 1968 and revised in May 1973, and is an example of process music.


Oliver Stotz

* 1971 Musician, Patcher and Collaborator, lives and works in Vienna. | MUSIC: Past: Scrooge, c-im-kreis, r-im-kreis, Le Charmant Rouge, Executive Ensemble, “der kopf des vitus bering”, ground/lift, The Ghosts & The Band | Present: Pendler, Gustav & Band, Bernhard Schnur Band | THEATRE & PERFORMANCE: 1994 – 2002 Member of independent Theatre Company VOLXTHEATER FAVORITEN (“3groschenoper”, “Penthesilea”, “Der Auftrag”, “Bezahlt wird nicht”, “Schluß mit lustig”, “Kulturkarawane durch Kärnten/Koroska”, several „Liederabende“); 1998 – 1999: SCHAUSPIELHAUS: “Theme Attack”, “der himmel mein lieb” (w.schwab) and “Nie wieder Friede” (e.toller) -> after that, fed up with theatre for several years. | Since 2006 performative and theatrical works with Sabine Marte, Billy Roisz, Jan Machacek, Helene Weinzierl (cielaroque), Gin Müller, Doris Schmid, Oleg Soulimenko, Daniel Aschwanden, Akemi Takeya etc. | 2015 Musician at „PROLETENPASSION 2015 ff.“ | OTHER: several open-source-musicsoftware projects (“live-builder”, “loopool”, “omnichord deluxxxe” …) several Video-Works, among them “YOU COME” (2007). | 1996 – 2002 Concert-Organizer @ EKH / Wien (“der gute ton”) | 2005 music & audiomastering for documentary “operation spring”. | Since 2007 organisation and co-curator of “REHEAT” (a Festival for Multimedia Works, Music, Fine Arts and Performance @ Kleylehof/Bgld.)

Steve Reich

Steve Reich (October 3, 1936, New-York City, USA) is a composer. He studied composition privately with Hall Overton, then moved on to Juilliard School in New-York to study with William Bergsma and Vincent Persichetti (1958 to 1961). Subsequently he attended Mills College in Oakland where he was taught by Luciano Berio and Darius Milhaud (1961-63) and earned a master’s degree in composition.


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