SUAL Archives | 2017

Ernst Reitermaier: coffee — Instant Composition for two Coffee Machines

Duration:     2‘27“ (excpt)
Type:             Recorded live at SUAL 2017
Credits:        Audio recording by JF, editing by BG


Instant Composition for two Coffee Machines

Being one of its founding members, Ernst Reitermaier presents a historic composition of the institut für transakustische forschung.

institute for transacoustic research

the institute for transacoustic research (German: institut für transakustische forschung, iftaf) was founded in 1998 to define and research transacoustics (German: transakustik). a crucial characteristic of transacoustic research is its interdisciplinary approach; it carries out science by means of art and art by means of science; methods and settings from both areas are combined to arrive at unique lines of connection and division.

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