SUAL Archives | 2016

Irradiation: I see you see me see you …

Duration:     9‘00“
Type:             Source recording provided by the artist
Notes:           Presented in conjunction with the project Sound|Architecture

I see you see me see you …

(guitar: Martin Gasser)

Two sides (L/R), reflecting each other, sharing some common space (MI) which again causes reflections in the two sides. There is uncertainty about the location, about the source. We ‘self-reflect’, we reflect each other, we experience ourselves in others.


Irradiation is an electronic music artist, DJ and club host as well as the co-initiator and manager of the viennese label TEMP~, founded in 2003. With it, she has published several EP’s and an album. Irradiation’s artistic output is best described as a permanent exploration of the space between repetitive and abstract, electronic music. Her latest releases constitute a cartography of links between electronic music and quantum theory which join the loose ends between electronic dance music and acousmatic improvisation.

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