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Pabst: Live at SUAL 2015 — avant-garde pop band

Duration:     43‘58“ (excpt)
Type:             Recorded live at SUAL 2015
Credits:        Audio recording and editing by BG


Sitting between the chairs …

POP – ROCK – TRIP HOP and sometimes experimental, harmony singing, two guitars, synth, bass, drums and English lyrics. We avoid too much virtuosity, but in a skilled way, we are lovers and driven by melancholic music, idealists, and passionate anyway.

Daniel Pabst:                  singer, songwriter, guitarist
Simon Usaty:                  singer, guitarist, songwriter
Sascha Gorbach:            guitarist, bassist
Andreas Hellweger:     drummer, singer

Daniel Pabst

born in 1971 (Vienna). Studied jazz guitar and jazz composition. Involved in many music and art projects. 2011 debut of his band PABST where for the first time he acts as a singer and songwriter. Further permanent bands are Noisy Town Groove with the drummer and composer Lukas Ligeti, Trafo (an electric guitar quartet) and tricsson, an electronica band. Collaborations with Dezibel 6 to 6 string and Bella Angora, a performance artist (production for the Donaufestival 2013). Works also as photographer. Production of several recordings and maker of the record label 212 Records. Concerts since 20 years, mainly in Europe and the USA. Co-composer (with Jury Everhartz) of the opera ‘Der automatische Teufel’. Collaborations with Lukas Ligeti, Tom Zlabinger, Fritz Novotny, Harri Stoika, Mia Zabelka, Bernd Breuer, Jury Everhartz, Simon Usaty, David Schweighart, Sascha Gorbach, Noel Akchoté, Martin Philadelphy, Sylvie Lacroix, John Peterson, Gerald Preinfalk, Karl Ritter, Martin Siewert, Christoph Dienz, Chris Janka, Emanuel Preuschl, Claudius Jelinek, Bella Angora a. o.

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