SUAL Archives | 2012

Werner Raditschnig: Eisklang

Duration:     10‘51“ (excpt)
Type:             Recorded live at SUAL 2012
Credits:        Audio recording and editing by BG


(Homage á Arktis-Nordost)

Originally presented as the performance ‚Unter Null’ (i.e. ‚Below Zero’) in 1992, featuring suspended ice objects in various visual appearances and live sampling. 20 years later transformation of the acoustic events and additions and transferences of ‚cold sounds’ without the use of real ice. A listening piece.

Featuring Werner Raditschnig, polychord with manual and electronic techniques, as well as sound projections.

Werner Raditschnig

Composer, performer in his own music projects. Project-based collaborations with other specialists (music, video art, theatre, visual art). Range of Work: Predominantly experimental instrumentarium, electronics, sculptural music, concert installations, scenic performances and choreographed spaces.

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