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Chin Ting Chan: Katachi I for fixed media

Duration:     6‘19“
Type:             Source recording provided by the artist
Notes:           Presented in conjunction with the shut up and listen! Award 2012

Katachi I

for fixed media (2011)

Katachi is a Japanese term that means form, shape or figure. In the ancient game of Go, the word Katachi is used to describe the formation of stones on a Go board (Go originated from Ancient China, where it is known as Weiqi). The conception of stone formation in Go is transformed to apply to the circulation and combination of sounds and timbre in the music. Katachi I uses primarily sounds produced by the Go stones, board and bowls. The circulating effect created by the different panning techniques is a dominant feature in this piece. The stereophonic image thus produced represents a recurring form or shape much similar to an image of a pentagon garden.

Chin Ting Chan

Raised in Hong Kong, the music of Chin Ting (Patrick) Chan has been recognized internationally by honors and awards including the Third Annual newEar Composers’ Competition (winner), Staatsorchester Darmstadt’s Soli fan tutti Composition Prize (finalist), BGSU’s Competition in Music Composition (winner), UMKC’s Chamber Music Composition Competition (1st prize), as well as performances at the Darmstadt State Theater in Germany, Toronto Electroacoustic Symposium, San Francisco New Music Forum’s Festival of Contemporary Music, SCI, GAMMA-UT, Connecticut College’s Symposium for Arts and Technology, Electronic Music Midwest, Electroacoustic Barn Dance, Madison Muse Fest, FEASt Festival, and new music festivals at BGSU, CSUF and UAH, among others; performed by artists/groups such as Zeitgeist, BelCuore Quartet, Color Field Ensemble, New Music Everywhere, KcEMA and Nonsemble 6. His music has been recorded and published at the Darling’s Acoustical Delight label (Cologne) and Melos Music, LLC. Mr. Chan earned his B.M. degree from San José State University, and M.M. degree from Bowling Green State University where he was teaching assistant of theory/aural skills. He is currently pursuing a D.M.A. in composition at the University of Missouri–Kansas City while serving as studio manager of the IMPACT Center and teaching courses in electronic music. His mentors have included Chen Yi, Zhou Long, James Mobberley, Marilyn Shrude, Burton Beerman, Andrea Reinkemeyer, Brian Belet and Pablo Furman. He is a founding member of the composer’s consortium Melos Music.