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Cormac Crawley: Port of Call — Soundscape Composition

Duration:     9‘52“
Type:             Source recording provided by the artist
Notes:           Presented in conjunction with the shut up and listen! Award 2011

Port of Call

Soundscape Composition

With a broad band of sound such as the roaring of the ocean our ears often play tricks with us. We may imagine sounds; plucked from its vast spectrum of frequencies, as the brain recalls memories but forgets the similarities of some sounds. The port, an interface to the ocean, offers access from land to water and from water to land. It is the beating heart of many cities, towns and villages. Sounds emerge from the ocean; offering a chronological description of how the port has had an ongoing effect on the lives around it. Also presented is the effect that those around the port have had on this once tranquil soundscape; previously only disturbed by nature itself. A montage of sounds emerge from the ocean and develop from natural and harmonious to unnatural and sometimes dissonant depicting human interference and pollution of the soundscape; in parallel with acoustic ecology. The struggle between human and environment is portrayed as a sway of events throughout the piece; natural and unnatural.

(Cormac Crawley)

Cormac Crawley

Cormac is a postgraduate student of Queen’s University, Belfast. Having completed his MA in Music Technology he enrolled in the Sonic Arts Research Centre of Queen’s to further explore the research interests he realised during his Masters. His PhD is based on interactive composition in relation to the natural audible environment. He develops interactive scenarios that harness the relationship between environment and the audio produced in that environment. Cormac’s research is tied closely to acoustic ecology. In his compositions and installations he attempts to personify harmonious relationships within the soundscape whilst also highlighting causal relationships of negligence and dissonance. This often involves the use of sensory technology interacting with various aspects of the climatic environment which will ultimately assist the compositional output.

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