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Christopher Haworth: Correlation Number One — 8-Channel Computer Music Composition

Duration:     8‘32“
Type:             Source recording provided by the artist
Notes:           Presented in conjunction with the shut up and listen! Award 2011

Correlation Number One

8-Channel Computer Music Composition

Correlation Number One is a work about the curious act of ‘listening to oneself listening’. An 8-channel computer music composition, it uses pairs of high frequency tones to generate distortion-product otoacoustic emissions (DPOAE) in the listener’s ears, which means that the sounds you hear are entirely subjective. In contrast to much contemporary sound studies discourse which favours a depiction of the ear as a passive receiver, defenseless against an onslaught of sound from all sides, the work proffers a notion of the ear as an active, productive sense organ – an instrument, in and of itself.

Christopher Haworth

Christopher is an artist currently studying for his PhD at the Sonic Arts Research Centre in Northern Ireland. He studied Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art, London, followed by postgraduate study in music at Goldsmiths College. His current research focuses on the compositional deployment of psychoacoustic effects in spatial music, where the ear itself emerges as an active participant in the work. Aside from his academic work he has released two albums for Sonic360 Records under the moniker ‘Littl Shyning Man’. He recently collaborated with artist Tim O’Riley on the AHRC funded research project ‘Accidental Journey’, providing a 118 minute soundtrack to a real-time 3D animation of a single orbit around the lunar surface.

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