SUAL Archives | 2010

Die Strottern (Klemens Lendl & David Müller) — Wienerlied duo

Duration:     49‘56“
Type:             Recorded live at SUAL 2010
Credits:        Audio recording and editing by BG

Die Strottern

Klemens Lendl (violin, voice)
David Müller (guitar, voice)

The band “Die Strottern” has become a trade mark in the young Viennese music scene. In old Viennese dialect, a Strotter is a tinker. Our Strottern are two young men from Vienna who travel the roads looking for old songs and dance tunes that fell by the wayside and writing new ones as they go. Their bedrock is Wienerlieder, literally, “Viennese songs” and also a uniquely Austrian song genre that is famous all over the world. What is forgotten too frequently, is that the Wienerlieder genre is still evolving. The Strottern are the winners of the Austrian World Music Award 2006 and the AMADEUS Austrian Music Award 2009.

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