SUAL Archives | 2008

Klaus Filip: ein drei fünftel — Laptop

Duration:     18‘26“
Type:             Recorded live at SUAL 2008
Credits:        Audio recording provided by the artist

ein drei fünftel

For my piece at “shut up and listen!” I want to get involved a bit with harmonic partials. Whole number numeric ratios form the basis for an improvised survey of according curves in the acoustic spectrum. Just intonation artificially layered. [Klaus Filip]

Klaus Filip

computer music, programming, composition. since 1989 active in experimental, electronic, musical circumstances. study of electroacoustics at wolfgang musil and dieter kaufmann in vienna. steady dispute with the computer as musical instrument, which led to the software project lloopp ( teaching position at the university of applied arts, vienna. some organisation work for festivals. last activities: composition for trautonium at “zauberhafte klangmaschinen” IMA-Hainburg 2008, dance-production with daniel aschwanden “wish i would play in this movie again”, some concerts of 2008: musikprotokoll graz (w/ los glissandinos), barcelos dinamo festival, Ftarri festival tokyo and kyoto (los glissandinos), Relay @ Art Center Nabi, Seoul (los glissandinos).

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