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i8u: String 7 — Laptop

Duration:     10‘26“
Type:             Audio recording provided by the artist
Credits:        Excerpt from the album 10-33cm, published by ROOM40, 2008


I8U’s 10-33 cm is a audio work of varied proportion and calculated shape. Based on the ideas associated with String Theory, this latest offering from Canada’s France Jobin is a compelling meditation on the nature of sound in time. “10-33 cm is the theoretical size of the strings that makes up the universe.” Jobin explains,” Resonance is the vibrational pattern, which determines what kind of particle the string is, and thus the type of particle is the movement of the string and the energy associated with this movement.” With 10-33 cm, Jobin creates a shimmering mirror that reflects on our somewhat limited understanding of these strings as they slip in and out of the dimensions, we are aware of. More so, each of the pieces suggests a visionary ‘vibration chart’, that explores the possible resonances of these theoretic discourses. Through sound, I8U’s explorations of String Theory are made almost tactile – a refined bridge between rhetoric and creation.

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i8u (France Jobin)

France Jobin aka i8u (b. 1958) is a sound / installation / web artist residing in Montreal, Canada. i8u’s audio art can be qualified as “sound-sculpture”. It reveals powerful, opaque and complex sound environments where analog and digital meet. Her installation/web art can be said to follow a parallel path, incorporating both musical and visual elements. i8u has created solo recordings for bake/staalplaat (Amsterdam), oral (Montreal), as well as many collaborations notably with Goem, Martin Tétreault, David Kristian, Bernhard Gal and Tomas Phillips. She has produced compilations tracks for ATAK (Japan), bremsstrahlung (USA), Mutek (Canada) and Portraits of Soundartists (book + 2 cd) on the label nonvisualobjects (Austria). She has participated in various music and new technology festivals Canada, Europe and the United States such as such as Silophone (Montréal, 2000), Mutek (Montréal, 2001, 2004, 2005,2007, 2008), Le Festival de Musique Actuelle de Victoriaville (2002), Ver Uit de Maat (Rotterdam, 2002), SEND + RECEIVE (Winnipeg, 2003, 2005), Les Digitales (Bruxelles, 2004 ), Club Transmediale (Berlin, 2004), V’elak (Vienna, 2008) as well as a soundtrack by Bubblyfish and i8u for the movie Swordswoman of Huangjiang / Huangjiang Nuxia presented at the Film Society of Lincoln Center’s Walter Reade Theater Festival : Heroic Grace : The Chinese Martial Arts Film. She is currently collaborating closely with New York visual artist CHiKA. They have presented “Infinity”, an audio/video piece at the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles in the context of: the Hammer presents | Restless Brilliance, a screening was showed at the San Francisco Art Institute Lecture Hall as part of LISTEN/VISION series, both events were curated by VOLUME. A façade projection also showcased this work at the MenschMeerMedien in Nordwolle, Germany. i8u’s web work/installations have been shown at Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec, Toronto’s Images independent film festival and at MIVEAM 06. Her work continues to evolve as technologies enable her to create in new environments.

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